iRecovery Stick

Recover deleted data from iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touches. Perform complete investigations of user data, including app data, pictures, documents, & much more. Investigating iOS devices is much more than just recovering deleted text messages.


Phone Recovery Stick

Investigate Android phones and tablets. Recover deleted data and download and examine user content like pictures, conversations, applications, internet history, and applications more.


Data Recovery Stick

When it comes to deleted data recovery, trust the forensic experts at Paraben. Recover deleted data from any NTFS or FAT formatted hard drive or storage device. Recover documents, photos, and MP3s.


Porn Detection Stick

Scan your computer for unwanted pornography. This easy-to-use porn scanner searches images, videos, and even internet history databases, zip files, and deleted files for pornographic content.


Data Shredder Stick

Take your digital document shredder wherever you go with this portable file wiping tool. Securely delete sensitive computer data so it can’t ever be recovered.


SIM Card Seizure

Older feature phones often store text (SMS) messages on the SIM. Recover deleted messages & last numbers dialed.


Paraben has been making computer forensic and data recovery tools for law enforcement for over 14 years.

Friendly Support

From demo videos to email & live chat support to friendly phone support, we’ll make sure you are satisfied.


Our recovery tools are based on our main forensic products meaning we support new phones and updates faster.

Recover More Data

Our customers demand it, we provide it. We get deleted data from apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome, & more.